The Basics of the Game Episode 23 Superhero Games


Tonight’s Episode is my advise and intro to superhero games.


Making interesting characters.
Heroes without flaws are generally boring
Don’t try to make an existing character
Decide on an explanation and stick with it

Making interesting campaigns
Existing world
Don’t be afraid to go insane
Keep it familiar, superheroes are interesting in modern context. Thy are myths.

Common Tropes
The power that is not in control
Great power has great responsibility
Family is your weakness
The fatal flaw(Kryptonite)

Types of superhero games
Builder systems (Hero Systems/Gurps Supers/Mutants and Masterminds)

Narrative Systems(Marvel RPG -The cortex version, Fates Venture City)

Hybrid(Savage Worlds)

Original Marvel System……………………


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